“What Are My Strengths & How Do I Lead With Them?” was an amazing experience. Each module was carefully crafted and organized, which made it well worth my time. I learned a great deal about leadership, myself, and established a strong network of like-minded colleagues at other independent schools. I would take this course again in a heartbeat if I could – the best professional development program I’ve encountered to date!
— Dr. Katie Croft, The Hockaday School

The “What are my Strength and How Do I Lead with Them” course was the most worthwhile and introspective professional development I have done in my career.
— Genie Burke, The Greenhill School

This has been the most meaningful summer of leadership development in my almost 20 years as an educator. Much to savor. Much to dig into more intentionally going forward.
— Josh Bottomly, Casady School

This course has given me the ability to identify my values and in doing so it also helped me to see what was important to me and to think about my purpose and what I want out of my career and being a leader. I think that in figuring out what my strengths are and affirming that I can lead through those strengths I was really inspired, and it set a new challenge for me to be able to think about my areas of development and the ways that I can keep growing so that I can live better and move toward that purpose. It was a really inspiring course!
— Joanne Chatlos, Alcuin School

It has been amazing seeing the CTL courses grow and evolve, and I’ve gotten so much out of this program already. I feel energized heading into my sophomore year of leadership!
— John Trout, Lakehill Preparatory School
This workshop will provide you with all the necessary tools to learn about your leadership style and to use it in your life.
— Joumana Arraj, The Episcopal School of Dallas