Dallas, TX

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Dallas, TX


Administrators and teachers, come spend two days with Amy Tepper and Patrick Flynn, experts in observation and feedback and authors of Feedback to Feed Forward: 31 Strategies to Lead Learning.  Utilize their proven evidence col lection strategies coupled with research on how students learn, self- and collective-efficacy, brain-based teaching, and overarching goals for student learning to develop skills and understandings for assessing the impact of teaching on engagement and learning in classrooms. Individually or with your team and fellow participants, build a common vision of your 2019 learners and identify what they will require for success in the classroom. Chart your own professional pathway to ensure you effectively address the needs in your classroom and school for the highest levels of student ownership of learning. 

As a learner you will:

  • Identify the characteristics of “engagement” and distinguish between student-centered learning and student ownership of learning;

  • Construct an understanding of the teacher and student skills, dispositions, and tools required to increase levels of engagement, ownership, and learning in classrooms;

  • Analyze instructional areas of focus that directly impact engagement and learning;

  • Develop strategies for how to observe for impact in your or others’ classrooms;

  • Reflect on your impact on learners and develop a professional learning plan for yourself, your team, or your school.

When: 9:00AM- 4:00PM CST, June 20-21, 2019

Where: Parish Episcopal School, 4101 Sigma Road, Dallas, TX 75244

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Our pricing strategies are built on a belief and that teacher-leaders working alone are less impactful than a team working together. Therefore, we have incentivized teams to come together to leverage their learning and transform their schools.