Dallas, TX

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Advanced Design Subj Area Deep.jpg

Dallas, TX


How might we leverage the design thinking process to bring real world challenges, relevance and engagement to traditional academic subjects?

In this one-day workshop, with built in follow up sessions, learn how to use the design thinking process as a pedagogical framework to create well-scaffolded, authentic project-based learning experiences in subjects as varied and diverse as math, Language Arts, Social Studies and health.  This interactive session will be facilitated by Katie Krummeck, Educational Designer.

This session is perfect for department-teams to come and plan together!  

Note- all participants must have completed some design thinking coursework ahead of this session (not self-taught) such as (but not limited to) CTL’s Introduction to Design Thinking.  

When: In person training on February 21, 2020 from 8am-4pm

Follow up training on March 24, 2020 and April 21, 2020 from 6-8pm CST on digital platform

Where: Parish Episcopal School, 4101 Sigma Road, Dallas, TX 75244

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Our pricing strategies are built on a belief that teacher-leaders working alone are less impactful than a team working together. Therefore, we have incentivized teams to come together to leverage their learning and transform their schools.