What Are My Strengths and How Do I Lead With Them?

This three-day workshop will help you understand your own strengths, understand and develop your
leadership style and work towards becoming the leader you want (and are equipped) to be. This course includes some pre-work and will also include two assessments- a Strengthsfinder assessment as well as a 360 feedback tool.
At the conclusion of this course you will be able to:
• Articulate your core values and personal leadership credo
• Understand your leadership strengths and evaluate how they shape your leadership style
• Envision and articulate the leader you’d like to become
• Identify the “next work” that will enhance your leadership capabilities

I thought this experience was outstanding. Not knowing what I got into when I started it could not have met my expectations any better. I’m confident that I will put everything I’ve learned into use; I already have. I look forward to using it as I continue this journey in leadership for myself.
— Rob Kowalski, St. John’s Episcopal School

CTL’s “Strengths” was an excellent experience, and it is one that will continue to shape my leadership style and approach.
— Anonymous